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Winds of Change December 2, 2006

Posted by truthspew in global warming, greenhouse gases, november, weather.

Hmm, was it a Jefferson Airplane or a Jefferson Starship tune, I think it was definitely Starship. Talk about fairly tacky music from back in the day.

Anyhow this morning I hear for the first time something I haven’t heard for awhile, the westerly winds whipping around. Not only do we get winds from the west, we also get all that pollution. I suppose northern Europe gets it worse though as those westerly winds probably carry not only the pollution of the west, but that of the eastern U.S. too.

This has been an odd year for weather. It’s been warmer than normal, with highs in November peaking between 55-65F, whereas normal should be 40-50F. On average it has been almost 10 degrees warmer every day.

I’m kind of an amateur weather watcher, and I recall that averages from Novembers over the past few years have been getting progressively warmer. Other things I’ve read say that our summer are also getting progressively longer. I’ll have to plot out the data starting in January and run that for a couple years just to see if it proves out.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it. After 42 years I’ve developed a real hatred for cold, snow and ice. So if we’ve pumped so many greenhouse gases into the air that temperatures in the northeast are rising, so be it. Saves me the expense of moving, and I could soon be living on the waterfront.



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