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Evangelism really is scary shit February 13, 2007

Posted by truthspew in doctors, evangelism, radicalism, religion.

Ok – watch this video. If it doesn’t scare the shit out of you then you’re either an evangelical yourself, or you’re a fucking idiot.

Here’s some things to watch out for:

Towards the beginning you’ve got the Answers in Genesis asshole doing the ape comparison. I mean come on, he says he doesn’t believe we came from ape like creatures. We most definitely do share a common ancestor with chimpanzees and the great apes and even monkeys. He’s trying to look at evolution from a linear perspective instead of the branching tree that evolution really is.

At 1:46 you’ve got Mrs. Super Mom stating “Most Christians are viewed as ignorant because we believe whats in the Bible.” No cupcake, the problem we have is that you’re not using multiple sources to bolster your beliefs. One book does not a science make.

But it gets better, at 2:05 said cupcake mentions that the bible is easier to explain to children, and then goes on to say that the bible makes more sense to her. She clearly falls in the fucking idiot category.

Then at 2:15 you’ve got the charming Buddy Davis. Some of Mr. Davis choice sayings include:
1) The bible is the history book of the Universe. No, cosmology is the history book of the universe. Thank you for playing Mr. Davis.
2) He asks the kids if they believe that man and dinosaurs did live together like it says in Genesis.
3) Most bothersome is when he says that he’s teaching the kids about the authority of scripture. Authority? Whose? A non-existent deity?
4) He goes on about the preconceived idea that dinosaurs died out millions of years ago before people. It’s not preconceived, there’s plenty of proof that MOST dinosaurs died out before proto humans came on the scene.

3:13 the song – Job 40:15 a mighty creature the Job must have known…Behemoth is a dinosaur. Davis ought to be beat into a pulp for that one.

Then there is the one that irks me most, at 4:20 it’s asked “Who should you always trust first, god or the scientist?” and the answe of course is “God – and I want you to remember that. Nothing like indoctrinating kids who don’t have the mental faculties to understand that its bullshit.

At 4:37 we hear that the bible contains powerful weapons in this spiritual war. A more powerful weapon is the truth. God does not exist.

At 4:47 one of the kids is asked about belief in evolution and answer that he believes in creation because it says so in the bible.

At 5:09: One child is asked if he believes in evolution or creationism and answers that God created the world. When asked who told him that he paused and said it was his parents. Those parents ought to be brought up on child abuse charges.

Then at 5:34 there’s Mr. Airhead who wants to be a biochemist and work at the Institute for Creation Science in Arizona, and get this, the little bastard thinks he’ll do Nobel prize worthy work. Deluded doesn’t even begin to explain the insanity of that little statement.

And feast your eyes on 5:53 where a girl tells the interviewer that she isn’t sure if the interviewer maybe studied all the facts. Oh crazy, crazy, crazy. She goes on to say that school systems are biased toward evolution – only showing one side of the story. As if the bible isn’t only ONE side of a story?

These kids are all in for a rude awakening. But then so are we if we don’t start paying attention to the this crap.


1. Miss Demeanor - February 13, 2007

Holy crap. That sure is alarming stuff. I feel sorry for those kids being denied dinosaurs. Kids love dinosaurs!

What is wrong with these people? This mental illness is spreading like a virus and infecting in plague proportions.

I don’t think they have a Noble prize for fuckwittedness…

2. greensmile - February 18, 2007

Well, there goes YOUR chance to be a blogger for a presidential candidate.

I kinda like it around here myself.

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