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This is the video that prompted me to leave Google/YouTube/Blogger February 13, 2007

Posted by truthspew in atheism, Derren Brown, doctors, Islam, puritanical, radicalism, religion.

I left not because I found the video offensive. I was rather delighted that someone pointed out that Islam is not the peaceful religion they purport it to be.

Yep, this is the video that caused YouTube(Google) management to remove all of Nick Gisburne’s videos and then delete his YouTube account.

I encourage everyone to at the very least move away from Blogger anyhow. WordPress is quite nice. I’m still getting used to it.



1. bachodi - February 13, 2007

Why insisted him to remove all his videos? I guess I missed the whole action. Can you please post a link which covers this story

2. -rich - February 24, 2007

If we can’t bring Nick Gisburne back to YouTube, then lets bring Nick’s story, and videos, to the rest of the web!

3. Phentermine - March 9, 2007

Nice design, good graphical content. I think I’ll come back later again;)

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