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Gates v. Jobs (With a C64 thrown in for good measure) February 14, 2007

Posted by truthspew in Apple Computer, computers, G4, Linksys, WAP54G.

Funny video – Steve Jobs and Bill Gates go at it. You’ve probably recently read my rant about OS-X 10.2.8 not being able to play nicely with a Wirless G router. And I’ve caught all sorts of flak for my comment about Microsoft just fucking you once, while Apple rapes you repeatedly, or that XP pre-SP1 could connect to G networks. One moron actually had the nerve to say that “Well, you’re playing with a 2 year old OS-X.” I’m sorry but I have the t-shirt with the XP launch date on it, and that was SIX years ago. SIX!

Anyway this video is a good send up of the fight. Look, at this point there’s very little difference both hardware and software wise between a generic PC and a Macintosh, particularly since both Macs and PC’s use Core-Duo chipsets made by Intel and both will run OS-X, Windows XP, Vista, Debian, Ubuntu, etc. And the Commodore 64 showing up and talking about all the porn on the net is priceless.



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