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An interesting look inside Iran February 18, 2007

Posted by truthspew in Bush Administration, Iran.

I’m watching Rageh Inside Iran. I’m only forty minutes into the video so far but I have to say I’m surprised by the modernity of the city.

All we ever see of Iran/Teheran is the protests. But this shows a whole different side of the Iranian people. First of which is something most people in the United States don’t know, that Iranians are Persian, not Arab and they speak Farsi, not Arabic.

Then of course the real surprise. In the video I spotted a few Ford vehicles traveling the roads. This is explained in the video that most Iranians adore U.S. culture, it’s just the politics they can’t stand. I myself hate politics in the United States and I was born here and reside here. Of course the western influences are obvious. The cell phones, the plastic surgery, etc.

So the whole Axis of Evil thing sounds more and more like bovine effluent. What more should we have expected from the Bush administration.



1. Fang - February 19, 2007

Yes. That is why Saddam was yelling “Damn you Persians to hell” before the stretched his neck a little bit too far.

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