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Damned Creationists at it again in TN March 4, 2007

Posted by truthspew in creationism, Dumb Ass Mother Fuckers, Scopes Trial, Tennessee.

Sen. Raymond Finney of TN is now stirring the creationist pot again. Tennessee is known for the 1925 Scopes “Monkey” Trial. Even then, the dumb fucks understand that evolution isn’t linear, it’s branching as is so elegantly pointed out in this. The Tree

What irked me most about Finney’s spouting is this line:
“There has never been any proof offered that Darwin’s theory of evolution is correct,” he said.

Really? Mr. Finney could probably use a few more years of formalized schooling. It might save him from opening his mouth and inserting his foot. Or maybe even sticking his own head up his own ass. All he has to do is look at the image above. If you cant’ see that evolution is happening on a regular basis then you need to delete yourself from the gene pool.

Why is it that we elect the dumbest mother fuckers out there on a regular basis? Should we expect anything else? Maybe it is telling that more scientists don’t run for office. If they did we could expect to see things run a bit different.

After all, a scientist knows what a budget is, and would stick to it. And a scientist wouldn’t make stupid statements like Mr. Finney. By the way, I don’t include M.D.’s as scientists as a general rule. I’ve seen too many M.D.’s pronounce their dedication to Christ and their belief in creationism over the past few years. This strikes me as extremely odd, as a medical doctor has to study the sciences in order to matriculate. Do some of them forget?



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