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See em' Spin It March 13, 2007

Posted by truthspew in Error 10048, politics.

The movie Spin by Brian Springer is now available on Google Video.

A little known fact is that the news feeds, etc. are pushed up to satellites and then shot right back down where anyone with a dish can tune in and watch. And that is precisely what Springer did.

It pretty much dissects the 1992 and 1996 elections cycles and their news coverage. One interesting example is that in 1992 I’d had no idea there was a sixth candidate in the Democratic primary for President. And it was a candidate I would have liked to have seen run since he had a plan to lop the military budget in half.

But the really irritating and grating part of the video is Pat Robertson. That old fraud should give it the hell up. He seems rather obsessed with taking over the Republican party, and he’s even more obsessed with gay people. Something tells me old Pat just might be a ‘mo himself. Sure, my gaydar is broken but sometimes a signal is so strong that it pings none the less. The thing is, I don’t want him on the team, if you know what I mean.



1. onanite - March 14, 2007

Pat Robertson ….. I cannot wait for that old bastard to die. He is such a negative influence in the world. I think you may be right about ole’ Pat. I bet when he was younger he had a lot of gay sex, since that always seems to be on his mind.

It would be great if one day, like Ted Haggard, someone has the balls to out Pat.


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