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Things to ponder April 2, 2007

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Right now we’ve got electricity but we don’t have a net connection per se (I’m piggybacking on a generous neighbors crappy Verizon DSL connection at the moment.) nor do we have natural gas service which means no hot water. And the heating system is having issues, since all the radiators are leaking water. To me it means that the washer on the fill valve is shot. Oh well.

So we’ve still got access to the old place we’ve been showering over there. National grid will be out to turn on the gas today so this was the last day we had to do that. So I did something very interesting this morning.

Usually I don’t got out of the house unless I’ve showered, put deodorant on and put gel in my hair elsewise it’s a curly mess. But this morning, I had my PJ’s on along with my bunny slippers. Since it was raining Charles let me use his car to go over to the place.

Now normally I’d walk it but since it was offered I thought what the hell. The car is a 1989 Ford LTD Crown Victoria, otherwise known as a land yacht. That car is in relatively good shape but for two things. First the shift linkage (Actually a cable, much like that on bicycles) is off a bit. You shift the car to R to start it. Charles has trouble getting it into park but I don’t since I’ve previously drive a Ford with the exact same problem and knew what to do. The other problem is that the brakes need to be fixed since he rode his emergency brake for about 1,200 miles. But for about $1K this car would be cherry!

Anyhow I actually went out with said PJ’s and funny slippers. Quite liberating actually. They say as you get older you just don’t care and I guess that is true.



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