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On a regular basis, sci-fi becomes reality April 18, 2007

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By now if you’ve read my blog for a while you know that the inventor of the MRI was a Star Trek fan. I still see room for improvement of MRI machines, but they are a nice non-invasive high resolution method of scanning the insides of ones body or cranium. The only invasive part is the gadolinium IV but that’s just for contrasting tumors and such.

Well now British scientists have figured out how to protect space faring humans from high speed particles ejected by our sun and the starts around us.

And had I mentioned the proof of Einstein’s theory of space-time? Yep, gravity isn’t what we think it is. The curvature of space-time is what causes us to be attracted to the earth and the earth to the sun, and so on. So if large objects curve space-time, then it’s entirely probable that once we gain a good enough understanding of our physical world it should be possible to warp space-time.

Warp drive. You can test this yourself with a sheet of paper. Imagine an ant walking across the sheet and how long it would take the ant to do so. Now fold the paper in half. The ant just crosses from one edge to the other.



1. Polt - April 19, 2007

Ya know, about 20 years ago I had someone attempt to explain to me about time and space and how time moves faster around certain objects and what have you. he clearly knew what he was talking about. I, even with my Star Trek and comic book background, was totally lost. Not a clue. Theoretical physics is just waaaaaay beyond me.

Now, give me Harry Kim with in a wifebeater with a hairthing going, yeah, I’m ALL about that. But theoretical physics…nope, not so much. 🙂


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