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The lost art of proofreading April 19, 2007

Posted by truthspew in Uncategorized.

Even I’ve been victim to the lost art. I suppose it’s just the ease of posting on the web but I find certain instances of the wrong number being published to be funny.

This is one of them. Apparently the Long Island Sexual Predator Hotline rollout didn’t go so well. In this case it was just a mis printed NPA (Numbering Plan Area aka Area Code) that caused the hilarity.

Instead of 888-XNN-NNNN they published 800-XNN-NNNN (X being 2 through 9, N being 0 through 9). And as luck would have it, that particular 800 number went to a phone sex chat line.

The office I work for had a similar situation once some time ago. The clueless bitch who ran the public information division at that time had thousands of copies of Go-To-Vote flyers, brochures, posters, etc. printed up with the wrong phone number. That one also went to a phone sex line. Luckily it was caught in time and she had to leave the office permanently not too long after that.

But then I have to wonder if in the case of the Long Island folks if this wasn’t a printer having a little fun with his/her clients.



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