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Marijuana laws based on racism April 21, 2007

Posted by truthspew in drugs, police, Providence.

This is something I’ve long known about, that our nations laws against pot, marijuana, and it’s derivatives are based on empty reasoning. That empty reasoning is racism.

As I’m writing this there’s illegal drug use going on right next to me, in open view of our neighbors. No, it isn’t across the street or in the street but right on my doorstep.

It appears that enforcement is lagging though. For example I regularly walk through Kennedy Plaza which is the central bus hub for the state of Rhode Island. I don’t think a day ever goes by that I don’t smell a familiar odor. And I know I’m not the only one that smells it since there are always police in the plaza.

You know a law is a failure when those who should obey it don’t, and those who are supposed to enforce it fail to do so. That’s probably because lots of cops are using it too. Not while they’re on duty but it wouldn’t surprise me, but when they’re off they’re probably the biggest pot fiends you could ever want to meet.



1. FraudWasteAbuse - April 22, 2007

Laws against are based more on the stupidity of out politicians.

2. kas - May 7, 2007

are you sure, wouldnt it be more logical to say they don’t use it therefore have to clue as to what to truly be looking for. It’s because of both parties that the law is not enforced. No one will just say “Whoops officer, my bad.” If they get pulled over. They’ll do their best to cover up and not be caught. Its because of police ignorance and stoner sneakiness.
Cops could be crooked but I doubt their just stoners. If that were the case no one would have to worry about being caught; they’d just smoke them up to get out off it. Even more, it would be like throwing a tiger into a lion pit, a cop just couldn’t really get away with being a toker.

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