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Eastern European Fundamentalists June 1, 2007

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This story Crucible Of Hate on the Guardian’s site is disturbing on many levels.

One of them is this:

Maslakovs’ views on homosexuality, he says, are Christian beliefs. He has particular affinity with the New Generation Church, an evangelical organisation with a swelling international congregation of mostly Russian speakers. The group now has 108 churches in 15 countries, including Argentina, Israel and America. It is headed by Aleksey Ledyaev, a publicity-savvy pastor with close ties to the Christian right in America. In February, Pastor Ledyaev attended a breakfast at the White House hosted by President Bush. “He’s a very good man, a very powerful man. He has many connections with parliament and worldwide connections to the USA and Russia. He agrees with me,” says Maslakovs.

Yes, that is correct. The American Christian Right is funding and sponsoring these hate groups in eastern Europe. And we’ve found out how duplicitous they are. Ted Haggard was one of those btw.

Then there’s this charming little piece:
In Moscow last Sunday, gay activists were punched, kicked and pelted with eggs by a mob – some holding crucifixes – as they tried to hand a petition signed by 40 MEPs to the mayor, Yuri Luzhkov, in protest at his ban on a Pride parade.

Wave a fucking crucifix in front of me and you’re going to be very likely to have it forcibly shoved up your ass. Keep your fucking religion to yourself.



1. Bogdan - May 30, 2008

gays have no right in eastern europe, i hope government keeps a strong hand on these sick people and never allows them to go public

=-=-=-Truthspew Says-=-=-=

No rights huh? You have constitutions there too and I bet they make no distinction. There’s one thing I think the Communists got right, the abolishment of religion. Because yours is a religious argument

That said, here in the U.S. the tide is gradually changing. We’re free people if we could only get corporations off our backs.

You’re just a homophobe. And I bet you tumesce if you see two guys kissing. And FYI, putting garbage in for the link wasn’t nice.

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