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Gay Pride Providence 2007 June 17, 2007

Posted by truthspew in Gay Pride.

This year we got pushed into Burnside Park towards Kennedy Plaza because FirstWorksKids took over our usual spot. And as usual, it’s one big commercial festival. There were a few informational booths but for the most part it’s people trying to sell crap.

But one trend over the past few years has been night parades. Here’s what I don’t get, these queens can’t figure out that lighting is their best friend. I really want to get on one of the float committees and kick in a few bucks to get some proper lighting.
Ever since I’ve started vlogging I’ve realized the importance of light.

I also want everyone to know that sticking a bunch of billboards for your club on the side of a box is NOT a float. And while we’re on the topic, putting a bunch of skinny little boys on a flatbed isn’t a float either. Put some effort into it, make it special. Pick a theme for the year, you know, things like that. Make people want to see what you’ll do next.

Right now I’m working on the videos I took of the parade and I have to be honest, they suck. While the camera performs relatively well in low light, it still sucks. The parade route starts on Fountain St, turns right onto Dorrance St, then right again to Washington St, left on Empire St then left on Weybosset St. I was right near the second turn onto Washington St.

So if they keep the same route next year I’m bringing a little 8kW generator and some spot lighting and a tripod with me. That way I can light the subject and maybe give them the idea that light is a good thing, except for some drag queens to whom low light is a friend. Maybe they don’t want the light, because then they’d have to put some effort into the parade. But I say bring it on.

I’ve been told the switch to a night parade was to prevent the poor little children from seeing too much man flesh. Oh for crying out loud let em’s see it. There’s probably a young homo among those ‘kids’ that wouldn’t mind seeing some flesh.


1. me - June 18, 2007

Hunh. You’re gay. I would have never guessed.

Anyway, “pool little kids” should be “poor little kids.”


2. pnina Spevy - June 25, 2007

As a lesbian I lOVE the Dyke March and Celebration which starts at Delores Park in San Francisco at 3 p.m. and the March takes off with Dykes on Bikes at 7 pm. It is non-commercial, wow, and wonerful vibes. Some women bring musical instruments and play along the undisclosed root where residents hang out of their windows and people cheer us on. A wonderful community event. As for the Pride Parade, there is much good that goes on for about 4 hours and I’ve been to most the past 20 some years. Each year is different and everyone gets into the celebration, yes there are some not so decrative groups; but overall it is a great sight to see and be inspired by.

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