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The two party system August 5, 2007

Posted by truthspew in Error 10048, politics.

I used to consider myself a Democrat but that had changed over the years. Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you I’m a Republican either since the current occupiers of the Republican Party are in reality neo-conservatives who want nothing more than to transfer wealth from the average citizens into the pockets of a greedy few.

But the Democrats are really no better. They’re bought and paid for by special interests aka corporations and our opinions mean nothing. A good number of citizens of the U.S., myself included would love to see Bush and Cheney impeached. But the Democratically controlled congress won’t move to do so.

It is almost as thought they’re trying to make the Republicans look as bad as is possible. Little do they know that they need to step forward and undo the harm done to this country, not roll over and play dead and allow Bush to wiretap without a warrant. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve restored the oversight process among other many other things. The Democrats are definitely in pocket though not as blatant about it.

Remember the movie with Eddie Murphy, “The Distinguished Gentleman”. That gives a small taste of what goes on in congress, a tiny little peek into the window but it’s enough to disgust me.

They might win me back if they collectively grew a huge set of balls but I doubt that will ever happen.

What I’d now like to see happen is a grassroots effort to get candidates elected on a new slate. We would all need to dig deep to support such an effort but what we’d get from it is representatives sensitive to our needs, not those of faceless corporations. We could then push to amend the Constitution of the United States of America to specifically exclude corporations from the rights enumerated by the Bill of Rights.

Just think of some of the benefits of such a simple act taking place. Truth in advertising is one, protection of the air, land and water is another. Maybe even restore funding to PBS since I’m so tired of the conservative push to abolish it. Those are just a few I can think of right off the top of my head. Maybe you can think of some others.



1. john - August 5, 2007

Nice expressions of your observations. I agree with you in the fact that current Top down system is pretty much hijacked and manipulated by the few ruthless psychopaths belongs to oligarchy. Only thing left is enough people at the bottom spread the message of the truth to every body, hopefully to create a butterfly effect. Even for this to happen , people have to understand how psychopaths who are at every level create or hijack popular movemens . how they work. only this information spread can give the necessary information for making the mistake of minority controle of every thing. you may be interested in this article

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