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It's Happening Again! August 12, 2007

Posted by truthspew in people, transportation.

So Friday night one of Keyron’s ‘friend’ Rosie shows up at the door. She tells him that she needs to stay the night, will be out by Saturday, etc.

Here’s the thing, I’m a phenomenal judge of people. It’s a skill I’ve honed over the years but I can detect bullshit from miles away, as I mentioned in my posts about the other incident involving Charles. But I constantly downplay it because I would like to give people the benefit of the doubt. As of right now, that all ends.

When Rosie came here Friday night, she had boxes, all her clothes, pots and pans, etc. She had been staying in an extended-stay suite but I guess the money ran out. Supposedly she has money but is a victim of identity theft and the bank has frozen all her assets. I call bullshit here because I know banks will advance provisional funds while they make changes to protect the assets. I’ve had it happen to me, that’s how I know.

I also know a police report would have to be filed and my little birdie at the local PD tells me no such report exists. Coupled with what I mentioned about bank procedures this tells me our house guest is a target of an investigation or action of some sort either by police or taxing authorities.

Anyhow her promise to be out by Saturday never materialized, instead she was out partying all day and night. She told Keyron that she’d be leaving sometime after noon today. I love open ended bullshit like that.

In essence, she’s a pathological liar. She makes such grand pronouncements such as “I have a Doctorate in Theology” yet she can’t explain Christian or other dogma. Then of course there’s the money thing, it assumes that the money actually exists. After all she walked away from a number of jobs that made her a nice sum.

Keyron has to go to an all day event so I’m here with Rosie. Luckily one half of the place seals off from the other half so I don’t have to even see the woman at all. But I did tell Keyron to mark my words, that she’d be sleeping here tonight.

Why us? I think moving into a three bedroom apartment set us up for it. The mentally unbalanced figure that we’ve got the extra room and won’t mind.

They obviously don’t know me. I get very territorial when my space gets invaded. But when I walk into my bathroom and there are mildewed bath matts on the floor, her shit all over the vanity, and bathwater still in the tub that pretty much does it for me.

And the thing that irks me more is she knows I can see through the bullshit. She thinks she’s better and smarter than everyone else. She’s only black when she wants to be, otherwise she’s Cape Verdean. Honey, you’re black. Get over it.

Before Keyron left this morning he talked to her and she says she’ll be out today. He just called me and I told him that I’ll give it today but if she isn’t out today, tomorrow things get unmistakably hostile up to and including her shit on the sidewalk and the doors locked.

UPDATE: She’s been moving her stuff out. Hallelujah!

Re-UPDATE: I had said that by 6PM if she didn’t have her stuff moved out then I’d be locking the doors and putting her stuff out. It is now 7:45PM and the door is locked. I’m just to lazy to drag her shit outside. Of course she’s been out galavanting all day, playing at the Puerto Rican festival. If she can’t prioritize her life I’m going to do it for her.

So at 8:25PM I locked the front door, slipped the ear buds in and shuffled my playlist. Apparently she stopped by and rang the doorbell at approximately 8:45PM. Then she suddenly finds the phone number and calls says she’ll be by in 15 minutes. She showed. Imagine that.

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1. me - August 12, 2007

Thanks for the memories. I let a good friend stay with me “for the weekend” a few years ago. HIs wife kicked him out. That weekend turned into 2 months. I had to change the locks and move his things into storage to get him to leave.

We’ve only recently become friends again, now that he’s no longer a raging coke head.

These days, I’ve got a relative staying with me. He was supposed to stay 6 months, to sober up, get his life under control, save some money and get back on his feet.

Well, cut to the chase … last month was the 1 year mark and he’s no better off than when he moved in. I sure hope he moves out soon because I don’t know if I have it in me to kick him out.

2. truthspew - August 12, 2007

Hi there Me. That’s the difference, I don’t give out keys to the place so there’s no need to change locks.

More to the point I come from a fairly independent family so I know I won’t have family members popping up on my doorstep.

Find the strength to kick the relative out. He’s using you.

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