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Uggh, I'm tired of renting August 14, 2007

Posted by truthspew in Uncategorized.

For the past six years or so I’ve had nothing but nitwits for landlords.

The first was Jamie. Jamie was a Mexican who had a thing against gay people. Of course that wasn’t his reason but I know underneath it all that was the problem. So we moved out of there.

Shirley was ok, but she was selling out and sold to a company I’ve mentioned before. The woman from that company who ‘managed’ the property was named Lynn. Lynn was a deceitful bitch, she didn’t manage, she owned it. She had a problem with black people so that meant she was always at odds with Keyron.

So we moved here. Louie is an old crank. The guy who managed the property tells us to ignore him. He doesn’t like people on the front porch. Well Louie, it happens. And we’re not your only tenant. Matter of fact the five kids from upstairs hang there too but you don’t bitch to them because the tenant upstairs also rents a storefront.

If Louie keeps this shit up, I’m going to slap him with a harassment suit. I gotta save up money and just by our own place. Then tell everyone to go get fucked. Hell, that’s the kind of money I want, fuck you money. I’d be the biggest tyrant you ever met were that the case.


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