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Apache 2.2.4 for Windows Dies with error 10048 September 15, 2007

Posted by truthspew in Apache 2.2.4, Error 10048, Skype, Web Development.

To my regulars, sorry but this was just mildly frustrating to fix so if I can help another developer out there so be it.

So I’ve dusted off my PHP and Apache books since I’m doing a little development with PHP and needed to re-install the two applications. MySQL is still on my machine because I’ve got a couple databases in there that I want to keep.

Anyhow, I downloaded Apache 2.2.4 for Windows without source. But every time I’d try to run it I’d get an error 10048 Address Already in use. Went nuts, thinking maybe I had a stub of Apache 1.3 that was interfering but that wasn’t it.

A google search yielded my answer and by using a windows utility called netstat I was able to find the offender. Seems Skype was using port 80 for itself and Apache wanted to use it too. So I quit Skype and suddenly Apache would start up. Yippee! My next step was to launch the msconfig.exe application and in the startup tab unclick Skype.

Now when the machine starts up Apache runs without issue and I can manually start Skype and everything is happy. You just can’t have Skype start BEFORE Apache.

I hope this helps someone else out there.

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