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Info on Vintage Video September 15, 2007

Posted by truthspew in masturbation, Vintage Video.

One thing you will notice about my Vintage Video feature is that it’s very guitar centric. My former boss pointed out that most of my favorite music that I’d flagged in iTunes was heavy on guitar and bass. So while it’s main focus will be guitar (Which I’m seriously thinking about learning to play since I’ve found out that electric guitars and amps aren’t all that expensive anymore.) with a slight dabbling into synthesizers/keyboards.

Next week I’m considering some Joan Jett. And maybe the week after that some Brothers Johnson. You can get a little taste by checking out the Now Playing tag on this post. Get the Funk Out ma Face has an uncanny similarity to, oh, Get the fuck out of my face.

Now playing: The Brothers Johnson – Get The Funk Out Ma Face
via FoxyTunes



1. no milk - September 17, 2007

learn how to play! about 6 years ago, i decided to sign up for a guitar playing class even though i have never lifted a guitar ever. i rented a guitar from the school and in the first class, everybody got to learn 2 chords and played 2 songs! by the end of the class, i was hooked and was playing some of my favorite songs. who knew avril lavigne could be sooo easy to play? it was the easiest class i ever took. DO IT.

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