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Vintage Video: The Brothers Johnson November 3, 2007

Posted by truthspew in Vintage Video.
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First up we have my favorite of theirs, Stomp. They had it all, good baseline, good beat, horns, strings, the whole ball of wax. They were a Quincy Jones production and you can definitely hear his influence in there.

And from 1980 we have Light Up the Night. This stuff was great cruising music. And by cruising I mean with cars. This brings back my memories of Providence in that time period. It was a little bit gritty but great fun. I was a sophomore in high school when this came out.

And then we have Get the Funk Outta Ma Face. This my friends is a funk anthem. Unfortunately it’s an album cover video but just so good I had to include it.

Unfortunately the copyright mania at YouTube means that one of their more popular tunes Strawberry Letter 23 has been “Removed”. I’d like to remove the authors of the DMCA. While we’re at it I’d like to see serious patent reform, because patenting an RFC for things like hard drive connectors, wireless methods etc. when prior art is already in existence is seriously bad karma.



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