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The Bush Administration won't stop beating the Iran drum December 3, 2007

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Found this Yahoo News article. In essence, it says that while Iran stopped developing nukes in 2003, they’re still generating enriched uranium.

This could have very much to do with the type of nuclear reactors they’re using. And btw, what you run in nuclear reactors of any kind is enriched and separated U235. It seems that U235 is much more fissile than natural U238. And if you compose your fuel rods of mostly U235 with some U238 you’ll get one byproduct from the U238 being bombarded with neutrons, Plutonium 239 (Pu239). Got the info here.

For more on how a nuclear reactor works click here.

Ok, enough on the physics and how stuff works. The Bush administration is essentially employing the FUD factor on this one. Any country that has any nuclear reactors has Pu239 and that can either be re-run in the reactor, or used for nuclear weapons.

So why aren’t we going after Egypt? Oh I know, there isn’t much oil in Egypt. Well, at least we’re told there isn’t.


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