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Happy 2008! January 1, 2008

Posted by truthspew in Uncategorized.

Another year past and a new one just begun. The year 2008 CE is upon is already.

I wonder how long it will take me when I’m filling in dates on forms and things to remember to write 2008 as opposed to 2007. I do know that we’re now 11 months out to two events, one is my 44th birthday, the other being Election 2008 when we find out who our next President will be, and who goes and who stays in congress.

This year I cheaped out on champagne. I used to buy Moët & Chandon White Star but the prices have gone through the roof. Last year I could get it for $35 a bottle, now it’s close to $50 because of the weak dollar. Damn you George W. Bush! Instead I picked up two bottles of Korbel for under $40. It wasn’t bad at all.

Grand total we had 12 people here. Matter of fact there are 7 of us still here and there’s no more booze. Oh well. We deliberately limited the booze this evening. And we didn’t watch the ball drop either. Our new DECT cordless phones are dead on accurate for time, so we used one of the handsets. And once we’d poured and toasted some kind soul in the neighborhood decided to set off some fireworks.



1. onanite - January 1, 2008

I just cannot believe it is 2008! I remember being a kid thinking about where I would be in 2000. It seemed so far away. Well now I am happy for each day I am still kicking.


2. Polt - January 2, 2008

i love the parties that leave people crashed out on the floor until the next mornung!


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