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Getting cranky January 9, 2008

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I find as I get older I get a little bit crankier. I don’t tolerate stupidity, foolishness, or worse yet those who cross me as well as I once did. But now I do understand when things are within or without my control. When our baggage got accidentally re-routed to Manchester I was the calm one realizing it was out of my hands.

But when Charles starts wiggling his way back into Keyron’s life, the inner mobster in me comes out. If Charles should call here again I’m going to tell him point blank that he is no longer to call here. He already knows he is NOT to step foot in this house or within the general vicinity and thus far has not even poked his head into the area. I think my telling him that if he were to do that, he’d be a vegetable for life probably told him that I wasn’t playing. You don’t dare try to separate me from the one I love and expect me not to want to destroy you. Because that’s precisely the game that Charles tried to pull. Even Keyron’s mom recognized that one.

Now Keyron’s mom, I love her! We’re on the same page.


I can see myself as an old man with a cane. I won’t actually need the cane to get around, instead I can use it to beat ignorant assholes. And once I’m of an advanced enough age nobody will question me when I viciously attack the younger person for not offering me a seat on the bus or train or any number of other socially abhorrent behaviors. Little snots need it beat into them.

Yes, I’m being funny now. That thorazine ad just struck me as so funny. But damn, I almost can’t wait until I’m old enough.



1. onanite - January 10, 2008

Thant’s funny because I am becoming more mellow as I get older, things just don’t bother me like they used too.

Oh well to each his own I guess.


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