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Small corrections to musical lyrics among other things. January 14, 2008

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I’m listening to the song in the link below. There’s one line in there that the engineer in me feels the need to correct. That is the line that states “Nothing lasts forever but the sky and sun.” Um no, when our Sol goes red giant, there’ll be pretty much NOTHING left of Terra. Sol will consume it all and then eventually go Nova.

And that brings me to the next topic. Seems a huge cloud of hydrogen gas is on target to hit the Milky Way galaxy. All that hyrdrogen will mean that the Milky Way because a nebula galaxy with loads of star formation. Of course it isn’t supposed to happen for 4E07 or 40 million years. We’ll all be dead and gone by then, nothing but Dust in the Wind.

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1. no milk - January 15, 2008

with all the tumultuous activity going on in the universe, i am very surprised that we manage to escape most of it. i suppose the sheer vastness of space makes it hard to target one little planet, but in a way, anything that happens to our galaxy has some effect on us and our galaxy is small (comparatively) but a larger target. my shrink tells me to not think about things that don’t have a direct impact in my life. worrying causes nothing but wrinkles…

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