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Huckabee: Bring the Constitution in line with the Bible January 15, 2008

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And all I can say to that is, over my dead body. The Constitution is there to protect the rights of the people, it derives none of its power from any god because our forefathers saw the damage that could be rendered by churches when they interfered in the political process.

You can read the article and see the video at this link.

And as I’ve stated before, if I were to amend the Constitution I’d simply make a small change to the 14th Amendment that would bar corporations from expecting the same rights as people. But now that an asshat like Huckabee wants to bring the entire document into line with the Bible, I say we also build a stronger wall between religion and secular society.

On that note I’m happy to see that Congress is now investigating the mega-churches. This ought to be highly amusing seeing them explain how God requires them to have private jets, Bentleys, and mansions.

Little by little we’ll see these monsters torn down. It started years ago with Jim and Tammy Baker, and it’s coming home to roost now.



1. Polt - January 15, 2008

Amazing, isn’t it? He blatantly says he wants the Consitution to be like the Bible, and he’s applauded. Where is the outcry? The demands for him to retract it, or drop out of the race? Where are the mobs in the streets wanting action taken?!?!?!??!!?

…Oh, silly me, Britney missed another court date….well that CLEARLY is more important….

*SIGH*…we truly have the govenrment we deserve.


2. onanite - January 18, 2008

Oh my goddess. How can people take this man seriously. I am sure he would open up concentration camps for all the gays too. What an asshole.


3. no milk - January 21, 2008

i think that people like the idea of having religion be in politicians because they think that these people are somehow better than non-religious people. if they really thought of what the bible would say about some of the things we do today, i don’t think that anybody would want this.

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