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Today's conversation with Dad February 3, 2008

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So about once every month or so my father will call me to see what’s going on. Today was the event for one of those calls and we were discussing three topics I have strong opinions on, religion, law enforcement, and state budgets.

I explained that by decriminalizing pot the state of RI could save roughly $200 million a year or more from the costs for police, justice and corrections staff. Somehow we got on the topic of murder and his opinion is that the state shouldn’t be forced to house and feed “those animals”. He also says that people who commit murder are sub-human. By his thinking when murder is committed they should just send out a state sanctioned hit squad. I asked that as a Christian, wasn’t the killing of a murderer wrong? His answer was typical, putting state before his proclaimed religious beliefs. I told him he needed to work on his Christianity because he obviously missed a few points. Managed to work in a reference to the sky fairy a couple times too. I’ll keep chipping away, because I know under it all it’s just the old man looking mortality in the face and hoping to fuck there’s another chance for himself. Sorry but you die, you’re dead, that’s it.

Then we got on the topic of drug abuse. I asked what he felt was a more effective course, incarceration or treatment. He’s a pro-incarceration guy because a couple of members of my family essentially threw their lives away due to drugs, one to hard drugs, the other to alcohol and because of that dad thinks treatment programs don’t work. I ripped into him then and told him that treatment isn’t just checking into a center and expecting to be cured, it requires the support of family and friends. There’s a wider more holistic circle out there that has to be part of it, else the person will relapse. And in the case of both family members that was the key element that was missing.

In the case of my uncle who drank himself to death at the age of 42, I found out later WHY he did so. My uncle was a really nice guy, I mean a real sweetheart of a guy. Years after he died I found out that my grandfather who we used to jokingly call St. Anthony was a brutal bastard. He used to beat the ever loving crap out of my uncle. There’s family for you!

In the case of my cousin it’s a lot more complex. He’d always been a spoiled brat and when his parents separated when he was in his teens it went down from there. I love my aunt to death, but she can be a stark raving bitch when the mood strikes.

So in both cases La Famiglia failed my uncle and then cousin miserably.

So imagine my father and I, polar opposites. I’m surprised he still calls me.



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