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Router Trouble – and my solution! February 4, 2008

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So awhile back my Linksys WAP54G gave up the ghost. I went out and got the cheapest things I could find, a Belkin Wireless Router. It worked fine for about 5 weeks and then started going nuts. Friend of mine has one and he told me that his does the same thing.

Today I had to reboot the sucker 17 times. Yes, 17 times so I could stay connected to the net. I disconnected the router and hummed it on the floor a couple of times. Split the case wide open and then I stomped on it. Here are the remains in the trash bin:

Dead Belkin Wireless Router

I had a Netgear WRTG614 kicking around so I hooked it up and everything works fine. The reason I hadn’t originally hooked it up is because the WRTG614 connects to an FVS318 firewall and both use the netgearrouter login. So I had to connect the wireless router to my laptop, configure it, then hook it up to the firewall. I guess Netgear figures you’ll only have one of their devices connected to your network, in my case there are two.

But here’s an update, even the Netgear is flakey and now I know why. I fired up a little application called Net Stumbler and don’t you know I’ve got some serious interference going on.

It also reminds me I have to buy a new palm rest assembly and keyboard for my laptop. The palm rest is the more critical as the left mouse button spring broke and now it’s permanently collapsed. The keyboard just has letters worn off. For example the a,s,n,m,period and 1 keys are worn completely off. It’s beginning to look like Das Keyboard which is the complete antithesis of the Optimus Maximus keyboard.


1. Eric - February 23, 2008


Love the blog and have added youtomydigg account

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