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Network Woes February 6, 2008

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Well, it’s been network hell here at casa Truthspew. The initial issue was that the Belkin wireless router was flaking out so I swapped in a Netgear WRG614. The wireless performance sucks because I’ve got so many wireless networks around me that the interference is awful. Add in cordless phones, baby monitors, etc. and you can see that choosing the 2.4GHz band for wireless networks was a colossal mistake on the part of the engineers and companies.

I’ve given up on wireless, at least until I can find out more about Netgears RangeMax devices. The odd thing is, my Linksys WAP54G did a nice job until it decided to give up the ghost. I’ve got a WRT54G laying around that a client gave me, maybe I’ll flash the thing with an update and use that. Being tied to a wire even if it’s a 50 foot long wire sucks.

The other issue was my Netgear FVS318 firewall/router. I did a ping -t against it and found out it was dropping every fourth packet. Did a hard reset and tried again with the same result. It’s too bad because that device has a nice Stateful Packet Inspector (SPI) on it. Come to find out Netgear incorporates SPI on pretty much all their router products. Makes sense since it’s all software with a modicum of hardware now.

So the device that’s supposed to do my wireless is now acting as my wired network switch.

I’d like to hear from others with wireless woes.



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