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The REAL-ID debate February 10, 2008

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It seems that people are so paranoid about government snooping that there is mass opposition to the REAL-ID act. In essence all the act does is standardize identification documents so they all have the same data elements and machine readable codes.

Someone on Digg had commented that they feared that their fingerprints would be tied to the license and then kept in a database. I then explained how fingerprints are used by the criminal justice community. In essence if you’re arrested they do what’s called a ten-print and then check that against an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). If the subject has had prior law enforcement contact, the record returns with index information to all records. This search spans ALL states by the way.

If there is no hit the prints are stored with the record locator. This updates the FBI’s index. But once the subject is brought to justice upon disposition of the case one of two things happens. Either the subject is convicted, or they are acquitted of the charge. If acquitted the record in the criminal history database is supposed to be expunged. On expungement this updates the FBI Interstate Identification Index too! The ten-print info is deleted on their end.

For explaining that I got dugg down. Sometimes I have to wonder about the collective mind of Digg because apparently the boys and girls there have no interest in clearing through all the bullshit and showing how the system REALLY works. Maybe if I posted the relevant section of my resume along with my comments they’d believe what I’m telling them. Because I was the one who engineered the system that would email the local PD with identity information and rap sheet for the subject whose prints were submitted.

The reason RI isn’t compliant is because we take the photo at the END of the process, not the beginning. So there’s now way to search against other photos to see if you’re trying to get a second license. And the company who provides the registry system called Visage charges outrageous fees to modify the system. I know when we tried to get motor voter going it was a significant sum to change that system.



1. no milk - February 11, 2008

i don’t know if we can trust the gov’t on anything, especially something as sensitive as our privacy…

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