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Today's Stupid Spammer March 5, 2008

Posted by truthspew in Uncategorized.

I love looking at the links that they put in spam, like this one:


Don’t worry, I didn’t link it and you can even try to paste it into your browser, it’ll puke on those escaped characters. I believe %2 is a dot, but how come the first dot worked. Hmmm. Here’s the message with headers. Notice the address, .de, that’s Germany.]
The Message

But if you look at the message that first Received header (Always read from bottom up to determine origin.) shows IP Looking that up returns this:


Yep, that MX is Mexico. Our little spammer friend likes to spoof everything but the stupid fuckwad can’t even get the web address right. Somtimes it doesn’t pay to be a spammer.


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