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Quebec Province Snow March 13, 2008

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I’ve been reading the blog of Sticky Crows quite often and one thing that he’s been complaining about lately is the amount of snow they’re getting. I think he’ll find the link below rather amusing, since he’s originally a California boy.

So much so that people are coming to blows over snow.

Meanwhile we’ve had a very, very mild winter here in RI. We had four storms that actually dumped snow, and most of that disappeared a day or two later. Temperatures have been higher than usual, January more so than anything. We’ve had several mid to high 50’s and low 60’s days in February, and all in all more rain than snow.

We’ve had some very unusual winters in Rhode Island for the past decade or so. On average there’s been less snow, more rain which means a mean increase in temperature during the winter months. I’m all for that! If this is global warming, bring it on! But I understand the other effects of global warming, like disappearing coastline and then I’m not all for it.

Maybe it’s because I was shorter as a kid but I thought we got a lot more snow. Then of course there was 1996 when we got 120″ of precipitation for the winter season. There was so much snow that they had to dump it in the rivers else there was nowhere else to put it. That’s something I’d never seen them do before. Hell, in seasons past those very same rivers were decked over yet we dealt with the snow just the same.



1. tornwordo - March 15, 2008

I can totally understand the rage incidents. The whole winter has been an exercise in frustration. Still, it hasn’t been terribly cold this winter, and that is nice.

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