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AFA has it's nads in a lather over cartoon March 18, 2008

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Oh, I love getting the AFA alerts in my email because they give me an excuse to go off on them for being the asshats that they are.

Here’s the latest, snipped for brevity:

University of Virginia newspaper mocks Christ and Christians

Dear ,

Last week, the University of Virginia’s student paper, The Cavalier Daily, ran a cartoon depicting a naked man smoking a cigarette in bed. Standing beside the bed, a woman in her underwear buttons up her shirt and asks, “Come on God, be honest – Did you really get a vasectomy? I can’t let Joseph find out about this.” The man replies, “Well, Mary, you’re f***ed.”

The editors used the week before Holy Week to run this bigoted cartoon belittling Christ and Christians. Just a day earlier, the paper ran a cartoon portraying a crucified Jesus telling jokes onstage.

I never did get the email about when Family Guy depicted god going into a bar where he meets this blond chick and then does the old finger zap to light her cigarette. Then she’s all agog at it and he snaps his finger at her and she disintegrates leaving a pile of dust on the floor at which point you here god proclaim “Jesus Christ! Get the Escalade, we’re outta here.”

But I just know people that belong to the AFA don’t watch Family Guy since it’s a pretty irreverent and blasphemous show and I love Seth McFarlane for that. Here’s an example. They spliced together all the religiously irreverent clips into one monster but I direct your attention to 2:43 on.



1. tornwordo - March 18, 2008

I loved the last bit with Jeannie.

2. Fr. J. - March 19, 2008

What is the AFA?

-=-=-Truthspew Says-=-=-

AFA = American Family Assocation led by Donald E. Wildmon.

3. Nonni - March 19, 2008

People enjoy running this stuff, just because they can. They get a rise out of “getting somebodies’ goat”, as we used to say. I wouldn’t advise you do these kinds of jokes about Mohammed, or gays, or minorities. Christians are the only people you can bash with impunity. I think their leader said “when someone slaps you, turn the other cheek”, so they likely talk and talk to one another about it, but nothing happens to the offender. Just try that with any other group.

-=-=-Truthspew Says-=-=-

Oh I’ve bashed Mulsims, I have equal scorn for all the Abrahamic religions and religion in general.

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