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A Mouse in the House April 3, 2008

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The other night I was in the kitchen with Keyron when out of the corner of my eye I caught motion from the table to the refrigerator. Keyron gets completely hysterical about mice, I’m the one who’s cool as a cucumber. You’ll find out why as you read on.

It was a little brown/gray mouse. We never had any evidence of mice until the people upstairs moved out and they started banging around up there doing painting, etc. The first I’d seen was mouse droppings in the cabinet above the sink.

So I decided to give Angie the cat a little help. I set six traps in various locations in the kitchen and dining room. I use peanut butter as bait because the little bastards cannot resist peanut butter.

So as I’ve been doing the past few days I checked the traps this morning and lo and behold I got at least one mouse. He was relatively small but he was perfectly centered under the trap bar that snapped his neck.

I’m keeping the traps in place because where there’s one, there are many. I remember my parents house in Providence, we had mice nesting beneath the paneled walls of the basement. We set traps and pulled out twenty one dead mice.

I’m practical about it though. Wherever you have a high concentration of humans you’ll also have a high concentration of mice, rats and roaches. Or I could refine that because even in rural areas mice and roaches are always there. It’s why I keep mouse traps and roach bait on hand.

People will say it’s cruel to use the traps that kill the mice. Sure, as opposed to live trapping them. What are you going to do with a mouse that’s both alive and frantic? Throw it out the door so it can turn around and come back in when you’re not looking?

I remember as a kid we had a rat infestation in the woods behind the house and under the dog kennel and garden. My friend and I would take two short handle shovels and a medium sized rock. Use one shovel as lever to lift the doghouse the other to whack the rats that came running out.

In one quick motion you had to whack the rat then scoop it up and throw it into the field next to the doghouse. When all was said and done we had a pile of dead rats that was about three feet around and about a foot and a half high. They decayed all that summer and by late fall nothing was left but a pile of teeny tiny little bones.

I think it was my dads second wife Peggy who thought this was rather gruesome so we got a live trap. Yeah, that wasn’t a very bright idea either. See my comments about frantic mice.

The first rat we caught we had no idea what to do with until one of my pyro friends grabbed some lighter fluid, doused the rat and lit it on fire. Once the rat was on fire my friend opened the trap. There’s something about a flaming rat running down the driveway that sticks in your mind.

Our next solution was somewhat gruesome too but nowhere near as bad as rat flambe. I had a leaky 10 gallon aquarium that we’d fill with water and then drop the rat trap into it. Drowning a rat doesn’t take long and you just dump the dead rat in the garbage can once the deed is done. I know there are Jainists out there who would be horrified by my story but I feel it necessary to go on.

In about two months time I think we completely decimated the rat population. Want to solve a rat and mouse problem just set kids to it. We never saw another rat or mouse in that area for the rest of the seven years I lived in that neighborhood. Kids will always devise a better way of killing off an entire colony of most anything.

Some day I’ll tell you why there were no birds in the neighborhood either. It had something to do with a slingshot and ball bearings.


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