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Illinois Legislator: Children shouldn't know atheism exists. April 4, 2008

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I’d really like to know why Rep. Monique Davis (D-Chicago) thinks children shouldn’t be exposed to atheism. At eight years old I would have loved to have known I wasn’t alone.

I’ve been an atheist for a long time, I don’t believe the fairy tale of any religion. I think that religions to more harm than good to be honest.

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1. onanaite - April 4, 2008

Keep them stupid he means. Indoctrinate the kids. What a bunch of horse shit.


2. christopher - April 5, 2008

My personal thought being that as part of “social studies” kids should learn about every possible religion, inclusive of atheism. Education is to expose thoughts and ideas to enable the munchkins to start thinking for themselves.

In the end, I’ve no doubt that they will continue to try and indoctrinate or kids. But as the population dynamics shift, will they want them being taught by catholic nuns in public school, or the quaran?

3. Aspentroll - April 5, 2008

Christians brainwash their kids from birth. So why would it be a big deal for Atheists to have their children aware of what’s available? I think
any child with a high enough IQ would soon resent the fictional teachings of the bible anyway.

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