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AFA Religious Zealotry: Responses to McDonalds April 8, 2008

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Leave it to the mentally challenged dolts at the AFA to issue a response to McDonald’s recent board swap with the NGLCC. I present their responses along with mine so read along. The comments of McDonald’s are in bold face and all quotes are block-quoted.

“At McDonald’s, we treat all our employees and customers with dignity and respect regardless of their ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or any other differentiating factor.”

We are not telling McDonald’s who they can hire to work for the company, nor are we demanding that they stop serving Big Macs to homosexual customers.

This issue is about the world’s largest fast food chain allying itself and partnering with an organization that lobbies Congress to enact laws that we feel can be used to repress religious freedom or undermine the sanctity of marriage.

Here we have the entire crux of their argument. Donald E. Wildmon and his ilk at the AFA wish to impose their biblical world view upon all of us. I for one refuse to live under religious hegemony of the AFA brand. As far as I’m concerned Wildmon and company are bat shit crazy.

If they were really interested in preserving the ‘sanctity’ of marriage, wouldn’t you think a prime goal would be to repeal divorce law? Oh sure, do that and watch the homicide rate go up. They’re not against killing in the name of their god.

“While one McDonald’s employee is affiliated with the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), McDonald’s is in no way ‘aggressively promoting the homosexual agenda’ as suggested in the newsletter.”

To refer to Richard Ellis, who is the vice president of communications for McDonald’s, as “one McDonald’s employee,” as if he is a teenager flipping hamburgers, is disingenuous at best.

While “aggressively” is admittedly a subjective term, AFA believes that giving money to and partnering with a homosexual lobby organization is certainly an enthusiastic promotion of the homosexual agenda.

Once again I’d like to state that the only agenda I have is fair and equal treatment under civil law. Religious institutions can feel free to practice their discrimination until people finally realize that religion is a crutch for the weak of mind. Hopefully I’ll see overt religious practice and influence pushed back into the woodwork in my lifetime.

I should also mention that I aggressively push that agenda. That should make the homophobes who are members of the AFA and who comment on my blog blow a blood vessel.

“The NGLCC is a non-profit organization dedicated to support economic opportunities for the gay and lesbian business community.”

It is quite clear from the NGLCC Web site that that organization not only supports “economic opportunities” for homosexuals, it also lobbies Congress on a wide range of issues related to the gay agenda.

Just like the tax exemption granted to the AFA is used for issues that widely range from their core religious mission. How many times do I have to tell the AFA heads and Wildmon himself, shut the fuck up before I shut you up.

“In addition to McDonald’s, there are numerous other Fortune 500 companies that serve as corporate partners with NGLCC.”

AFA rejects this “everybody’s doing it” excuse offered by McDonald’s, and is asking the fast food company to remain neutral in these controversial skirmishes of the culture war.

So here we have it, the AFA considers this a culture war. They would prefer a culture run by absolutists who proclaim they were anointed by God himself. These are people who never learned the lessons of tolerance and understanding when it comes to secular society. And here’s a thought that I bet never crossed the minds of the AFA membership.

Sexuality is fairly fluid. Which means that there’s a lot more homosexual activity going on than they’d care to acknowledge. If they did their heads would collectively explode.

“All references to comments from Jim Skinner, McDonald’s CEO in the Action Alert Newsletter are complete fabrications.”

Our Action Alert assumed that Mr. Skinner’s comments were specifically addressing the promotion of the gay agenda, when they were not. We apologize for any confusion this has caused.

However, the actual comments attributed to Mr. Skinner were not fabricated, but instead came from McDonald’s own Web site. They were a direct quote of Mr. Skinner’s comments, posted by Vice President Bob Langert, made by Mr. Skinner at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting in 2007.

When Mr. Skinner said, “We have an obligation to use our size and resources to make a difference in the world,” we now have come to believe that part of that vision, as evidenced by McDonald’s partnership with the NGLCC, is the promotion of the gay agenda.

Make no mistake, McDonald’s has laid down the gauntlet. They are, horror of horrors going to promote an agenda of tolerance and acceptance. Such quaint ideas. Let me remind the membership of the AFA that if it weren’t for tolerance and acceptance their little tax-exempt enterprise wouldn’t exist at all, nor would any church.



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