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The AFA's National Day of Prayer to a Non-Existent Deity April 9, 2008

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The whole concept of prayer is now so foreign to me that I have to take note of this latest missive from the psychotic people at the AFA. What really irks me is that not only the President will be acknowledging this bogus request but so too will the governors of the individual states.

And need I remind the religious among us that there have been studies done on the efficacy of prayer that to sum up essentially say approximately 1/3 of prayer requests are answered. Ever look at a bell curve? It’s divided roughly in thirds.

Now correct if I’m wrong but shouldn’t an omnipotent and omniscient entity be inclined to make his alleged subject happy and healthy? The fact that misery and sickness occur with no exceptions among the young, the old and the middle age tends to indicate to me that there is no deity.

If there is such a thing as god, he or she has an awfully funny way of showing love for his/her alleged creations. Instead the whole misbegotten thing can be traced down to a book, or an anthology of sorts, the Bible.

And who do you think wrote the Bible? Did it write itself? No, it was written by men for the most part, with the occasional gospels written by women completely discarded in the King James version. I know the AFA likes to talk about the so called homosexual agenda, of course I like the one by Mrs. Betty Bowers. But the men who wrote and compiled what we now call the inerrant word of a so called god had an agenda too.

Their agenda was complete and utter control. Control is the purpose for religion, as religion is also divorced from spirituality. And not just any mundane sort of control, oh no. The wingnuts at the AFA would like to have iron-grip control over every bedroom in the world.

As far as the theme of this years prayer day, I have to laugh. I’m reminded of the old saw, sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Of course that phrase never realized the power of words to incite violence.

As I’ve said before, I don’t advocate violence against religious people who try to deny myself and others rights. I do advocate harassment and persecution though. Drive them back into their boxes, never to be heard from again. Make the overt display of religiosity criminal. If you sneeze and someone says “God Bless You!” it’s 30 years in the joint with no possibility of parole, and no religious texts allowed.

I say the above a bit tongue in cheek but I’m really sick of the crap spewed forth by the likes of the AFA, the Catholic church, the Baptists, etc. When is the last time you say a Buddhist try to exclude classes of people from enumerated rights?

It’s the Abrahamic desert religions with their monotheism that seem to have the most venom. I suppose that’s why Buddhism doesn’t have a billion adherents. It’s a very confusing process to attain enlightenment and most Christians couldn’t handle that.

So instead they’ll pray and pray, and ever once in awhile, with a probability of about .03 their prayers will appear to have been answered. But I hate to burst their bubble, it’s all random. All of it.

Prayer! America’s Strength and Shield: Millions Will Gather to Honor God

April 8, 2008

Dear Truthspew,

On Thursday, May 1, America will observe the 57th annual National Day of Prayer. Please plan to participate in this vitally important event! ndp

Proclamations from President George W. Bush and the governors of all 50 states will herald this landmark day, as the fervent prayers of millions of Americans in church events and public venues from coast to coast are offered before the Lord.

This year’s theme, “Prayer! America’s Strength and Shield,” reflects the words of Psalm 28:7, which states: “The Lord is my strength and shield; my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped.” We hope this powerful message will not only serve as a catalyst to draw God’s people closer together as we intercede corporately on behalf of our country, but that it will encourage individuals to seek the Lord’s guidance for their personal concerns as well.

If you would like more information on how you might unite with your fellow believers and citizens to intercede on behalf of our great nation, I invite you to visit the National Day of Prayer Web site: nationaldayofprayer.org.

For several years, American Family Association has encouraged citizens to Meet at City Hall from 12:20-12:40 for a time of community prayer. Be sure to post your event at nationaldayofprayer.org.



1. wanderer7 - April 9, 2008

each to their own

that is a spiritual law of the universe

free will

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