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Per Byte Charging for Broadband April 11, 2008

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Seems Time Warner is trying out putting a 50GB cap on total downloads per month, with an additional $1.50 per GB.

The games played by the broadband providers are getting interesting. Let me get this straight, Verizon is building out FIOS at a very fast pace and yet carriers like Time Warner still want to screw their customers?

I’m no fan of Verizon and can see them going down a similar road in the future.

But I’ll explain the motive for TIme Warner’s new charging scheme. Think about what we put over our broadband connections. In my case I have three VoIP services running on it, my audio and video are both net based.

They’re trying to kill the alternative providers. First you had Comcast inserting delete packets and forged TCP packets, now Time Warner is trying from a different approach.

What surprises me is that Cox hasn’t done anything yet. So far I’ve noticed no degradation in bandwidth or performance.

The thing that really irks me though is how can a third world country get ten times the bandwidth for about 1/50th the price that I pay? It makes no sense at all.



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