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Vintage Video: Gay Edition May 4, 2008

Posted by truthspew in Vintage Video, YouTube.

These are songs with a gay sensibility, be they the song lyrics or one or more of the group members being gay.

1) The Pet Shop Boys – It’s a Sin (Come on, a nun dancing in a rest room with a hunky boy, you figure it out.)

2) The Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls (East, west – here in Providence East is the ritzy side, west is the poor side)

3) The Pet Shop Boys – What Have I Done to Deserve This (Probably the gayest one of the bunch. and includes a solo by Dusty Springfield)

4) Erasure – Lay All Your Love On Me (This is a synth number that tries to be high NRG but misses it a little)

5) Erasure – A Little Respect (The line being “What reason reason would drive a man to posses his lover…)

6) Erasure – Chains of Love (This one is a gay anthem for sure.)

Special note about Erasure. My first exposure to them happened in the late 80’s. I was just beginning my coming out process and had met Ron and Mike. Ron ended up being one of my BFF except in my lexicon, BFF doesn’t mean Best Friends Forever though part of it works, Best Fucking Friend is more to my liking though not in the sexual sense. You get it right?

Anyhow we used to do afternoon drinks at a little gay bar called Galaxy and Erasure would frequently be playing.

Anyhow Ron was my confidant, he new my inner freak. He also knew my taste in men and well, he actually helped me find them. I’d be home and I’d get a phone call to come over to his apartment, there was someone he wanted me to meet.

Ron died back in 1994 of complications of AIDS. I still miss him to this day.

Continuing on…

Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Relax (The unedited version none the less.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood – The Power of Love

ABC – The Look of Love (I don’t know why but ABC always screamed gay to me.)

ABC – Poison Arrow

And Onanite, you have to know at least a couple of these. You too were a creature from the 80’s like me.



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