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McSame || McBush won't be good for us May 12, 2008

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If you’ve been a long time reader of this blog you’ve obviously read things I’ve written about Grover Norquist, he of the “I’d like to shrink government down to a size where it’s small enough to drown in the bathtub.” fame.

Well now Jared Bernstein of the Huffington Post lays out the reasons we should NOT elect John McCain as President of the United States. The thing is while equating him with Bush is a pretty obvious step, he’d be much worse in the long run.

Here’s the Tax Party analysis of how much his cuts will cost. The things that really concern me is that they’re going after Social Security and Medicare.

We need safety net programs like Social Security, Medicare, unemployment benefits for more than six months, universal healthcare, and more. But people like old Grover think that government is evil. That may be so but it’s inevitable that we have a government. For the longest time government was supposed to help the people, now it’s only there to fuck the people or at least it will be if people like Norquist get their way.

But McCain seems to support Norquists ultimate objective, no more taxes. Taxes are a necessary evil, maybe if we weren’t spending billions on military misadventure we wouldn’t be facing the current problems.

I’ve also posted a graph that shows the federal budget deficits or surpluses under the various administrations, and interestingly the only time of surplus in the last 25 years had been the eight years that Bill Clinton was president. Mind you, he wasn’t a perfect president and he helped exacerbate the economic problems we have now, what with outsourcing, the declining dollar, etc.

But he was a damned sight better than Bush and even more so than McCain.



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