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Troppe informazioni martedì numero un centinaio di sette e trenta (TMI #137) June 2, 2008

Posted by truthspew in TMI Tuesday.

1. How old were you when you first kissed a boy?

Hmmm, that would have been the tender age of 13, the same year I first kissed a girl. Figured out I liked kissing boys more. But it took about 15 years for me to fully come to terms with that. The mid to late 70’s were a wonderful time to grow up.

2. Who would play you in the movie of your life story?

I’m so out of touch with the zeitgeist of the moment. I’m not a pretty boy but I have a hard time thinking who could play me. Maybe whats his name, the one in Spider Man.

3. What is the number one thing your love/hate about gay people?

I love that we’re so much fun to be around for the most part. I hate that we can also be some of the most discriminating people around when it comes to race, age, stats, etc.

4. If you could legally get married to “the fella” – or any fella – would you?

Hell yes I would. We’ve been with each other for so long and I don’t want to happen to us what happened to a gentleman who testified at the hearings for marriage equality. Put it this way, try to put cuffs on me when I’ve just lost someone I love because I had the nerve to insist that certain things be done and you might just see the business end of a weapon.

5. Have you ever worn short short shorts in public?

In the 70’s yes. How I miss the 70’s for the simple fact that male skin wasn’t a shameful thing. Now you’ve got shorts that hang down to the calves. Or the baggy shorts. Come on guys, show what you got.

Bonus (as in optional): Who is your favorite blogger?

That’s a tough question because I have so many favorites. I’d have to say Polt’s Palace.



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