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Almost to the 1K mark June 3, 2008

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This would be post# 997 since I started blogging a couple of years ago. That means that in 3 more posts I’ll hit the 1,000 mark.

Posts are comprised of things like photos, maps, text, responses, block quote, links, videos, etc. I’ve really enjoyed blogging. My favorite is shooting down the homophobes out there. You may notice I approve homophobe comments if only to pick apart their arguments. Anytime I pick apart such things I’ll always put it in bold text within the comment.

And as to the K prefix, that’s for Kilo. Which also happens to be the phonetic pronunciation of the letter ‘K’ which is the first letter of my amateur radio call-sign. I happen to live in 1 land which is the northeast U.S. comprised of CT, RI, MA, NH, VT and ME. I’m in Providence, RI, you might recognize the city.

Providence was the setting for the TV series of the same name, and is also featured prominently in the Showtime series Brotherhood. If you’ve seen Amistad or Underdog many parts of each were filmed at our State House.

It’s a wonderful city, very convenient. I pretty much live in the literal center of the city. Everything is within less than an hours walking distance. With a bicycle that gets cut down to less than 15 minutes. In a car it would take about a half hour. Funny isnt’ it.

Career wise I’m an Information Technology guy who specializes in databases and networking but over the years I’ve picked up quite a bit on web 2.0 technologies with things like Plone, Apache, etc. And speaking of the K symbol, in computer talk 1K is 1,024 bytes

Has to do with the way things count up in binary. Binary is just powers of 2. E.g. 2^0 = 1, 2^1 = 2, 2^2 = 4, 2^3 = 8, 2^4 = 16, 2^5=32, 2^6=64 and 2^7=128, if you sum them all up you get 255, the highest number that can be represented using 8 bits. But going forward, 2^10 = 1024.

Getting even more interesting is octal, or base 8. Then there’s hexadecimal or base 16. For example 16^0 = 1, 16^1 = 16, 16^2 = 256, 16^3 = 4,096. The thing is in base 16 you’ve got 16 symbols, 0 through 9, and then A through F. In fact from 0 through 9 it counts like decimal, but 10 decimal is represented by A, 11 by B, 12 by C, 13 by D, 14 by E, and 15 by F. So 0x3C00 (Which btw was the beginning of video memory on a TRS-80 Model 1 computer) is 15,360. That 0x just indicated hex.

Enough geeking out for now.

I’ve worked for Brown University, Ernst & Young, the Department of Attorney General, and the Secretary of State to name just a few places I’ve done I.T. work.

You’ve probably realized by now that I’m a gay male who has been in a relationship with the same person for almost sixteen years now. Overall we’ve been very good for each other.

But keep watching, post 1,000 will come soon enough.



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