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The folly of Usable Nukes June 8, 2008

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This is something everyone should watch. You can see that Bush administration has been steadily beating the Iran drum for several months now.

The only problem is that we don’t have the manpower to take Iran. So instead they’ll attempt to use small yield nuclear weapons. Former U.N. Inspector Scott Ritter asks you to choose which American city you want to see wiped out, because he says that if we go into Iran we’re just asking for it to happen.

We’re down to six more months of Bush & Co. Now more than ever we need to stop this despot from completely destroying the United States.

I ask again, why hasn’t he been impeached? Why? I’ve theorized on the impeachment of both Bush and Cheney which would make house speaker Nancy Pelosi president. I’ve also explained why I think she won’t do so.

But something has to be done. Congress has to grow a set and put the clamps on Bush.



1. onanaite - June 8, 2008

I wish congress had the balls to impeach Bush, but thta is a no go. I just hope we can get through this next six months without the Bush admin screwing things up even more.


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