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AFA: Stop $10 Per Gallon Prices June 11, 2008

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The AFA is known for being, how shall was put this, rather ignorant about things in general. They’re usually off track when it comes to loving relationships, separation of church and state, and things of that nature. Now they’re off track on oil and gasoline.

Act now to keep your family from paying $10 a gallon

Tell Congress you want action on rising gas prices now!

Dear Anthony,

For the past 10 years Congress has refused to do anything to make our country energy self-sufficient. Because of their inaction, we soon will be paying $5 a gallon for gas with the possibility of $10 a gallon in the future. Their refusal to do anything has hurt nearly every family in America. Because environmentalists have kept us from developing our vast and plentiful energy sources, we are now at the mercy of foreign governments (many of which are hostile).

If you believe Congress should allow the exploration of energy sources which would not materially affect our environment, now is the time to send that message. Can your family afford to pay $10 a gallon for gas? They will be forced to if Congress doesn’t act now!

We have abundant energy reserves, but the environmentalists won’t let us use them. All efforts to provide for our needs end up in court because of the environmentalists! A handful of environmentalists are forcing all Americans to pay outrageous amounts for gas!

Will our families have to wait another 10 years for Congress to act? They will unless Congress hears from American families now.

Tell Congress you want common sense action now to reduce the red tape that keeps us from becoming energy self-sufficient!

I’ve discussed the real reasons for the increase in price of a barrel of oil. It has nothing to do with environmentalists but much to do with the companies that control the oil.

Just look at this series of graphs, you’ll see that while the northeast and west coast pay the most for gasoline, we drive comparatively little and pay a smaller percentage of income on fuel, whereas those who live in flyover country pay less for gas, but drive more and pay a higher percentage of income for fuel.

And it isn’t the companies you’d think, it’s oil extraction firms, major investment banks et al that are reaping the extreme profits. If you think the oil companies proper are making obscene profits, look at the banks. They’re making money hand over fist.

If Congress really wants to fix this, they need to break the banks away from the oil process. But to do so would be economically damaging as those investment banks are using oil profits to stave off insolvency.

I say good riddance. Indeed, we’re in for a rough ride. I was talking to my landlord the other day. He’s an old Italian guy, 90 years old and he lived through the Great Depression. He says that right now we are in a depression again. I can believe that, jobless numbers mount, rampant inflation, depression of the value of the dollar, and most of all productivity declines.

I also see news that they’re looking to extend unemployment benefits another 13 weeks, and then in areas particularly hard hit another 13 weeks. So in RI that means we’ll see another six months of unemployment insurance.

That is a sign. Another sign is that the number of people receiving food stamps and using local food pantries has gone way up.

And while we’re at it, maybe we can abolish the Federal Reserve once and for all? One of their key promises in forming that cartel was that it would eliminate the financial panics like recessions and depressions, yet the Great Depression of the 1930’s occurred on their watch, and the next Great Invisible Depression of the 21st Century is happening under their watch right now.

The simpletons at the AFA can’t understand that concept.

But we need to fight to stop this craziness. We middle class have been shat upon long enough.



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