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AFA pushes to have McDonalds stop support of the 'gay agenda' July 3, 2008

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The assholes at the AFA, with Donald E. Wildmon as it’s leader is lamenting the fact that McDonald’s won’t back down on it’s support of the NGLCC.

Too bad, the boycott of McDonald’s won’t do anything to their bottom line. Ford learned that lesson.

What the AFA is doing is wrong. It’s absolutely wrong to single out one passage in the Bible while ignoring the other ones, like eating pork, or if we want to talk about abomination, shellfish.

But John Corvino brings up a very good point. What pushes down the walls is for gay people to get to know straight people and vice versa. I know several straight people who know I’m gay and don’t treat me any different because of it.

Over the past weekend I met one of Keyron’s friends fiance. He’s an older guy, by his reckoning he’s 53. But it’s funny, when he found out that Keyron and I had been together for fifteen years he had a lot of questions. You could tell he was trying to understand it better and I saw the light go on when it came to gay marriage.

I think a lot of straight people buy into the myth that we’re sexual monsters. We’re not, or I should say not all of us are. I know some people subscribe to the “So many men, so little time… a new man every day” thing but I have nothing against them. But I think it surprises people to learn that even gay people are in long term relationships. As I explained it to my new acquaintance, in the family I come from the only way a relationship ends is through one or the other dying of natural causes.

It’s a pretty strong family trait on both sides of my family. In the case of my father he’s stood by while two of his wives succumbed to cancer. He’s on wife number three now and either she’ll die first or he will but there’s no bailing out.

The story from my mom’s side is a funny one. My aunt got pregnant at a fairly young age. I was 7 when my cousin was born so that would make my aunt 19 at the time. For twenty one years my aunt played the field a bit but in the end, when my cousin was 21 years old she married his father. My cousin is now 34 years old so they’ve been married for 13 years. Forgot to mention they lived with one another for about 8 years. So in reality, they’ve been together for 21 years.

In short, we gay people are no different than straight people.



1. queerunity - July 5, 2008

The AFA is like the klan to the gays.


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