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When RI had REAL Public Transit July 3, 2008

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I was reading an article in the Providence Journal today about the disputes over the Ancients and Horribles Parade in Glocester, RI in the Chepachet village.

Anyhow one paragraph gave a bit of background on the origins of the two groups who came together to form the Ancients and Horribles.

The Ancients Parade, started in 1914, had participants wearing old-fashioned costumes to celebrate the coming of the trolley to the village of Chepachet. The two parades, disparate as they were, merged in 1927 and evolved into a vigorous spoof of local affairs.

Indeed the Ancients were celebrating and commemorating the coming of the trolleys to Chapachet. Little did they know that in 34 years time all the trolleys would be gone, replaced by pollution spewing buses that ate up fuel and rubber.

I’ve seen photos and heard the stories about when Providence and RI in general had those trolleys. They went everywhere and they were reliable and consistent. What became of transit in RI after 1948 is cruel joke.

I do know that the Transit 2020 conference determined that RI needs two things, Bus Rapid Transit which is start to connect the more outlying communities, and a light rail system linking the urban cores.

The 2020 is the year. So in 12 years we need to get all this running. Yet the state is broke right now, teetering on the edge of insolvency at the current moment so it may take some additional effort to make it happen. Funny how that happens when the Republicans have control of everything.



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