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Almost missed this one July 8, 2008

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See what happens when you go three days without a net connection? I found this anti gay marriage screed in the ProJo Letters to the Editor section.

As usual I’ll take it apart piece by piece.

Costa A. Adamopoulos Jr.: Husband and wife a sacred bond

01:00 AM EDT on Saturday, July 5, 2008

The writer of the May 22 editorial “Historic advance for gays” writes that “younger Americans” are “far more accepting than their elders of homosexual relationships” and suggests that, over time, “much of the fuss will simply wither.” Yet the same editorial states that “Americans have widely resisted gay marriage. More than half the states have constitutional amendments prohibiting it.” If over half of our nation’s states have taken proactive steps to ban so-called “gay marriage,” then would it not be safe to conclude that homosexual activity is not as acceptable as the author so boldly claims?

If “younger Americans” are, in truth, “far more accepting than their elders of homosexual relationships” that is principally because “younger Americans” have received their moral upbringing from the wrong source: namely the mass media. If individuals lack a moral standard by which to measure their credos, then anything whatsoever becomes morally permissible. This permissiveness is not freedom; it is license — the unrestrained liberty to do what one pleases.

It is because todays generation grew up with the church abuse scandals, hypocrisy on the part of many preachers. Just check out Onanites blog for more info on that! I think the youth of today see the double standard pushed forth by those who think religion is the basis for morality. It is not.

Regarding unrestrained liberty, it seems Mr. Adamopoulos never heard the phrase “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. He equates homosexuality and gay marriage with murder, rape, etc. This is a standard tactic used by the churches to try and deny rights to the last segment of the population that it’s ok to openly hate. From the tone of the Adamopoulos letter I’m fairly certain that he has membership in a church, maybe Catholic or maybe even Greek Orthodox. It isn’t just the Southern Baptists who have a lock on crazy, all the religions have their batshit crazy ideas.

But I will say that certain pastors harp on the anti-gay message more than others. Put it this way, their biggest fear is that if gay marriage becomes a reality that the lawsuits against the churches will follow. Would someone please point to the suits against the churches in Massachusetts that by the logic of Adamopoulos should surely have happened by now?

The second concern is the reference to these so-called “polls.” The author cites no sources, produces no statistics, gives no concrete evidence at all; nor does the writer indicate who these “younger Americans” are.

Apparently this gentleman doesn’t have net access. The numbers are all over the web. I wonder if that would be a good enough citation for Mr. Adamopoulos.

I would agree that marriage is not easy. Sacrifices and demands made on both partners can be tough at times. I concur that marriage affords “stability, support, and the deep satisfaction that comes with commitment.” Finally, I am in full accord with the statement that “it is a fine foundation for nurturing families.”

Here he extols the virtues of marriage but he’s blind to his own hatefulness and bigotry.

Where I part company with the author is the nature of the union. Taking the religious argument out of the picture for a moment, homosexual activity is wrong by design. The sexual act of one man and one woman was and is designed to do two things: first, it was designed to bind the husband and wife more closely together; and, second, to foster stability within the marital union for the procreation of children, and the successful rearing of them in the event conception takes place.

“…wrong by design…”, also known as the parts don’t fit. I think John Corvino has done a good job dispelling this argument. They do indeed fit. Adamopoulos thinks a marriages prime function is to act as baby making machines. By his arguments, a childless couple is the subversion of his god’s command to be “fruitful and multiply”.

Homosexual activity (and the idea of “gay marriage”) is wrong. No legislature, no judiciary, no popular vote, no public opinion, can change that.




No Mr. Adamopoulos, it is not wrong. It’s oh so right. This guy seems to think that the will of the majority or in this case the religious whack job minority should rule over everyone. That’s not how a Democratic Republic works. He thinks his religious beliefs can subvert the will of the people, isn’t that special.



1. onanaite - July 10, 2008

All the process he extols is the same for same sex marriage. Stability, cohesiveness and long term connectedness with one other person. He seems to think that gay marraige is a step closer to anarchy. What a moron.

Thanks for the shout out to my blog also.


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