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This and that September 17, 2008

Posted by truthspew in Uncategorized.

Ok, so I feel its time to vent and maybe heap a little praise.

First, why do towns in MA only put sidewalks on one side of a street. I’ve noted this is fairly common in Braintree, MA. Not only that, they put crosswalks in the least convenient places. I guess I’m more sensitive to this because I grew up in a city where crosswalks are EVERYWHERE there is a corner, and even when there isn’t.

That said, in RI you take your chances in a crosswalk whereas in MA people will actually come to a stop to let someone cross the street at a crosswalk. Kudos to the MA drivers.

The other thing I’ve noted is that the telephone poles in Braintree mostly look like they’re going to fall over at any moment. I guess they couldn’t find straight enough wooden poles. Probably a deal they got when MA Electric was the carrier.

I have noted they’ve been doing better on the Red Line Braintree to Boston run. They push the hell out of the older cars now. They push so hard we go rockin’ down the tracks, seriously. But at least it gets me to South Station with anywhere from five to seven minutes to get to the commuter train back to Providence. And it’s been consistent so far this week. Amazing.

Another thing I’ve noticed is people in Braintree seem to be very friendly. That sort of takes me aback because I’ve got the old yankee reserve thing going on.


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