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Gay Marriage now legal in CT October 10, 2008

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But not in Rhode Island. Here’s what I sent to the leadership of the RI Legislature. Think I’ll get their attention?

Fellow RI’er, you too can write any rep or senator by appending their surname to rep or sen. E.g. rep-murphy@rilin.state.ri.us, or sen-montalbano@rilin.state.ri.us. Let them know your thoughts on their obstinacy.

Because of the obstinacy of your leadership of the RI Legislature, you will see RI go the same route as both MA and CT. Except in our case it’ll mean the invalidation of the Family Court Act.

Since you both quashed marriage equality legislation for the past few years it’s only fitting that you hang your heads in shame. Nice job, I’m sure your respective pastors will be proud of each of you.

You should have let it come to a vote but you followed your Catholic conscience and now the battered, neglected and abused will curse your names because through your cowardice and lack of courage you will destroy the family court. I hope you’re both proud of yourselves for this because as a gay Rhode Islander I’m ashamed to have you as our leadership.

Of course that isn’t the only reason but right now it’s the easiest target.

Here’s the story from CT.

And to those reps I’ve bcc’d in this email, thank you for your support. You understand the true meaning of equality.



1. Tom Seymour - October 14, 2008

I think this is a good indication that it will be legal in R.I. VERY SOON. Rhode Island’s equal-protection jurisprudence has a very similar history to that of Connecticut. Also, the fact of Massachusetts, New Jersey and California being on the bandwagon will give it a stronger push in that direction. Unfortunately, however, the R.I. General Assembly will probably wait for a definitive word from the R.I. Supreme Court.

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