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A new spot December 7, 2008

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So this afternoon myself, Keyron, Nick and Beth went to her brother Andy’s new bar, The Blackwatch Pub. The name is based on this.

Very nice place, good selection of beers, ales stouts and liquors. The food is standard pub fare but very good, even the burger patties aren’t the pre-formed crap you get in most places, they’re actually made right there. I had a burger with fries and pickle, while Keyron had the steak tips which he liked very much. They also had these rocking potato chips that were very good.

I helped Andy get the cash register setup. Apparently this had been a functioning pub before Andy took it over so they inherited the register. Luckily I know how to reset the things so they’ll at least function. He still needs to find the manual for it and set up the taxation tables for the food.

But while we were there he had about 4 or 5 other people in there with us. For a pub that hasn’t done much advertising so far I’d say that’s pretty good.

Nick and I shot a couple of games of pool, each winning one game. Interestingly as a kid I got REALLY good at pool but I haven’t played in many a year. Still, by the second game I was getting it back. I’ve got dead aim, it’s just that I need to control the english on the ball a bit more.

And of course we were there for a while because Nick had to watch the Patriots vs. Seahawks game. That’s one feature of this pub, it has SEVEN large screen HD sets. It’s also got a digital jukebox.

And of course somebody had to put on some rock classics. I didn’t get a chance to check out the box, but I bet you there is ton of classic disco on that box, it’s digital after all and memory and disk space are extremely cheap.

I’m pretty sure we’ll be going there again. I’ll tell you something, I like it now that bars, pubs and clubs are smoke free.

If you’re near New Bedford check it out. The pub is located at 266 Dartmouth St, New Bedford, MA.


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