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More about Moi December 12, 2008

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Got this from a fabulous blog I just stumbled upon, with one hell of a music playlist on it. I’ve got a tab open to the blog right now because the playlist is just so damned good. Totally divine. It’s the Bullet Proof Soul Blog. and yes it’s added to my RSS feeds now.

1 What is your occupation right now? Independent Tech Consultant

2 What color are your socks right now? Black

3 What are you listening to right now? Ledisi – I Tried

4 What was the last thing that you ate? Roast Pork Loin and peas

5 Can you drive a stick shift? Yes in fact I can, without bucking down the street I might add. And yes, I’ve been stuck on the lower deck of I-93 in Boston jammed in traffic and driving a five speed. Fun!

6 Last person you spoke to on the phone? Gina

7 Do you like the person who sent this to you? Hell yeah.

8 How old are you today? 44

9 What is your favorite sport to watch TV? What I consider sport they wouldn’t put on television. I think Christians v. Lions would make for good TV sport but you won’t see that anytime soon.

10 What is your favorite drink? Guinness

11 Have you ever dyed your hair? Well yes, since I went 15% gray.

12 Favorite food? Chinese, particularly the dishes I make.

13 What is the last movie you watched? Theater: It’s been so long that I cannot for the life of me remember; TV: None Web: Zach and Miri make a Porno

14 Favorite day of the year? Christmas though I call it Solstice or Saturnalia

15 How do you vent anger? Something I have to work on, I go thug. Seriously, Keyron has seen me go into that mode. I’m the kind of guy that if someone doesn’t stop for a crosswalk I’m kind of likely to open the door of the persons car, drag them out and beat them senseless.

16 What was your favorite toy as a child? My 100-in-1 electronics lab

17 What is your favorite season? Spring and Summer tied. I never understood people who love winter. Ick, seven hundred layers, freezing cold, ice and snow. Who the fuck wants that?

18 Cherries or Blueberries? Cherries

19 Living arrangements? An apartment in the city.

20 When was the last time you cried? That would be December 25, 2005 when my last grandmother died.

21 What is on the floor of your closet? Closet? I don’t rate a closet since Keyron is such a clothes horse.

22 What did you do last night? Backed up my computer. Finished reading a book. Really fun night.

23 What are you most afraid of? Nothing really. Nothing scares me.

24 Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburgers? How about cheese and spice. In fact all a good burger needs is salt and pepper.

25 Favorite dog breed? German Shepherd.

26 Favorite day of the week? Saturday

27 How many states have you been in? 15 so far, up and down the east coast and then Illinois and Texas.

28 Diamonds or pearls? Pearls, at least they’re real and not stained with blood.

29 What is your favorite flower? Roses

30 Car you would most like to own right now? A Honda Civic Hybrid



1. wondermann - December 12, 2008

Glad to learn more about you

2. me - December 13, 2008

T, is your new job safe?

Seems everywhere I turn in tech, companies are laying off contractors by the truckload. And after that, they’re cutting the full-time staffs to the bone.

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