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I've stirred up the "Christians" December 15, 2008

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I enclosed Christians in quotes because these people are anything but real Christians. They’re people whose worldview is stuck circa 2000BCE because all their arguments come from the Old Testament and they completely disregard the message of love and brotherhood found int he New Testament.

Apparently they’re praying for my non-existent soul and telling me I’ll find out when I die. I tell them we get one life to live, and you don’t get do-overs so make this one count. I call them deranged fools, idiots, morons, bigots, etc.

One had the nerve to say that someday I’ll find God/Holy Spirit/Jeebus. Yawn! 12 years of Catholic schools, a lifetime in which I’ve buried several loved ones, and 44 years of age and I haven’t found shit yet. But then I’m not looking. There is no need to look for something that doesn’t exist.

There is no God, no Holy Spirit, and Jesus wasn’t the son of any God. I’m an atheist. Keyron seems to think there’s a trace of the spiritual in me, but that’s just me being a generally decent person.

I love goading the Christians. It gives me a special joy, a joie de la vie. Here’s a comment one of those so called Christians posted on one of my innocuous youtube videos:

Very Christian!

Very Christian!

Needless to say, I removed the comment from the video but I did a screen cap just for posterity sake. I’ve dealt with the Christian bigots on this blog too. I promise, I’ll fight tooth and nail to squelch the bigots. I have no problem telling these dipshits to shut the fuck up.

This is one atheist you can’t push around.

But they’ll still try:

A Christian Resonds

A "Christian" Resonds

And my response though I may send more which I’ll detail after this:

A special place in hell

A special place in hell

I want to tell him that even though I’m an atheist I still work to promote the welfare of the people. I do that through political work for the most part but I’ve volunteered for soup kitchens in the past, and now I volunteer for political campaigns.

When I worked for the Attorney Generals office I went out on their project to reach into the inner city neighborhoods to help people out.



1. Wondermann - December 18, 2008

look at you, staring trouble

2. truthspew - December 18, 2008

That’s because “Trouble” is my middle name. It gets better though, I’ve noticed when I harp on the religious fundies my blog stats get better.

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